Conceptualized in 1986 and constructed into reality in 2010, Captain Apticus seeks to merge the influences of our years growing up with what lies ahead. The brand serves to recognize the values and wonders of childhood, the beauty and limitless boundaries of imagination and creativity, and the vivid visual representations and experiences of dreams and distribute them all through a limited and unique label.

The underlying concept behind Captain Apticus is shaped by a culture that campaigns to remember and uphold those sentimental ideals and experiences from the past up to the present. Collaboratively, these elements help us strive to new heights but they are sometimes forgotten and lost in the chaos of the world. Its important to remember these values in order to continue to dream big. Always dream big.

Currently, our products are only available online at captainapticus.com. We are a limited brand and in order to uphold that quality we are currently not seeking outside distributors or resellers.